Sans – Gluten Free Grisette

Gluten-free (GF) is a little bit of a hot button issue these days. The actual people who suffer from issues like Crohn's and Celiac's are most certainly lamentable casualties left behind in the beer scene, but the "fad dieters" and holistic eaters are adept at both making strides in making options more widely available and … Continue reading Sans – Gluten Free Grisette


Obliti Rubus – Blended Blackberry Sour

I think I managed to summarize this pretty well when commenting on reddit loosely about this beer. "It's the finale to a 4 year process of repeatedly getting drunk and making questionable choices." Thus, to fully understand this accidentally awesome unicorn of a beer, we need to go back to circa 2013. Technically, it's probably … Continue reading Obliti Rubus – Blended Blackberry Sour