The adventures of a slightly off-kilter homebrewer with a passion for colorful metaphors, weird music, and a penchant for flying by the seat of his pants.

For over 5 years as a hobby and 2 years professionally, I figured it was about time to start actually chronicling some of the off the wall and obscure beers that I make. I also went to school for art, so… most of the beers at least get a label or something. Gotta use that degree somehow.

From strange ingredients, bizarre methods, and unconventional recipes, pretty much nothing is sacred.

Welcome to the thunderdome.

P.S. – To clarify “Chrononaut Brewing Co.” is my fictional/homebrew “brewery”, so to speak. That’s why it’s all over the labels and shit.

P.P.S. – Since Binging with Babish, over on YouTube, made a Spotify playlist, I figured I could do it too (and better, IMO). So, here’s a massive 11.5 hour long playlist of music that’s brew day tested and not mother approved.

>>>>> I Listen To Weird Shit <<<<<