No Barrel, No Problem | Making Your Own Oak

Since 1995 (or, more arguably, 1992), the build up from a slow burn to the craze that has swept the industry of aging beers (namely, imperial stouts) in used spirit barrels has been a thing. It's almost impossible to avoid brewing them in some capacity as a professional brewer and as the delight from consuming … Continue reading No Barrel, No Problem | Making Your Own Oak


Brittunculi | Barrel-Aged English Barleywine

The throes of winter dictate drinking beers appropriate for the weather. In the cold, bleak, and borderline misanthropic lulls of cold and snow, it's almost mandatory to imbibe the higher, darker side of the brew universe. Imperial stouts, barleywines, and the plethora of barrels to age them in become king. Personal bias, I lean towards … Continue reading Brittunculi | Barrel-Aged English Barleywine